This year, police in Italy carried out an attack on a house and a laboratory of a married couple who are in the same time scientists. Police confiscated all digital equipment owned by these nano pathologists. They took computers, laptops, and disks, and they also took al the research and work. Because these two scientists, they both tried to make nanoparticles that could contaminate the vaccines. They touched the forbidden key of medical science. They went to the zone of the ban on the commission of the alleged crime of scientific discovery and research.

They found contamination in the vaccines  selected at random, so basically these two doctors discovered something that no one before them knew: The vaccines contained not only inorganic chemicals, there was also tungsten, stainless steel, copper, other rare elements and metals and that should not be Injected into pregnant women, fetuses, newborns, infants and young children who are still developing their lungs, nervous and immune system.

When these two scientists in 2017 published all of their research and findings, the next logical step for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization would be to open research into their demands by engaging independent professional scientists to perform their laboratory tests and confirm or reject results. If confirmed, health agencies should receive new policies in order to make the whole chain of supply of the vaccine safer and to carry out strict controls and quality check programs.

What really happened?

Nothing happened. For the authorities, it was way cheaper to just attack these two scientists and doctors than to disturb a whole corruptive run-on-money story that focuses on politicians. In fact, controls have led to improved safety in the automotive and tobacco industry. But there was none of this for the safety of the vaccines. Why? Because so-called health care keeps up with Big Pharma and their mainstream medication, so the vaccine is now one big taboo. The media will simply not investigate any bad and negative stories about the vaccine.

What can you do to bring transparency in the world of medicine and in the production of a vaccine dominated by Big Pharma, with agencies from a government that does not deal with real people’s problems and media that broke public debate and a right of free speech?

The best answer is: blockchain technology

Blockchain medicine projects

There are several healthcare projects launched by the blockchain technology. They are mostly industrial-oriented and do not really deal with individuals at all. The question is – why doctors, hospitals, and dentists have access to every healthcare record from all their patients in separate databases, but the people who gave this information have absolutely no access?

One Norwegian company is developing a software and healthcare blockchain platform for the USA. The same Norwegian company is doing it for the European Commission. However, it was emphasized that these were two different platforms.