Supporting Partner Organizations


AdvaMed of the Advanced Medical Technology Association is a leading association that strives to better medical technologies. We do this to give people healthier lives and to create healthier economies in the world. AdvaMed has around 300 members. We have a presence in various countries like India, China, Brazil and many European ones, AdvaMed has many companies including small and large medical facilities and innovators. We act as a speaker for many firms which create medical implements, products, and health information mechanisms. 

As the premier medical technology industry event in North America, AdvaMed 2016: The MedTech Conference provides the optimal forum for the U.S. and international life science associations to showcase their medical technology sector. Trade associations and economic development organizations can connect with leading device and diagnostic companies from around the world, and keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

AdvaMed partners with a variety of trade associations and economic development organizations offer special benefits to their members to participate in AdvaMed 2016. Supporting partners help promote The MedTech Conference to their local medical technology industry, organize delegations of attending companies and advance the economic development interests of their own organizations.

AdvaMed 2016 welcomes International Delegation Partners and provides benefits and special programming to delegations of the medical device and diagnostic companies organized by international economic development organizations.

To become a Supporting Partner or International Delegation, please email your logo to [email protected]. We will send you a marketing toolkit and discount code to promote to your members.


 AdvaMed’s work and support


AdvaMed provides competitive standards that promote the best ethical work, quick approval products, reimbursement control, and information about worlds markets. The information that AdvaMed provides is vital to many different issues in the medical industry.


Our partners


We have many partners that we support and who in turn support us greatly. Here is a couple of them:
Alcon – This is a company which makes peoples lives better by helping them see better. Their innovative products enhance the quality of life of their patients significantly. Alcon not only provides the best optical products on the market but they are also leaders in the eye surgery field.

Adhesys Medical – This company is well known for their wound sealants. Their products greatly enhance any kind of surgical procedure and the well being of patients. They have two kinds of sealants, VIVO (Used inside the body to stop bleeding and reinforce suture lines) and CUTIS (This sealant is for surgical cuts and wound from surgical incisions).

Abbot – Abbot desires to improve peoples lives in many areas. Their products are designed to help people in many ways. They produce many kinds of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Their primary areas of interest include cardiovascular and diabetes care. They also have a lot of great nutritional supplements that improve the whole body.