The Future is Here

The Future is Here

Many scientists, doctors and other people involved in the healthcare system see the great potential of blockchain technology in this field. Not only would it be desirable to pay with cryptocurrencies during a medical intervention, there are other things as well. If a patient record is written and stored as a blockchain, it would not only prevent errors in the records but will allow better patient monitoring throughout his life.

This means that medicines, surgeries, and other interventions would be more suitable for each person. Not only that this blockchain technology would ensure that every person gets exactly the same professional treatment from every doctor they see, but that would happen not just in the same hospital, or in the same city, but also in the same state as their data and history of health would be available to every doctor. But the story is even wider. Such data would be available to the patient. And all that in a fully protected and safe manner. The patient would have complete insight into his state of health and the history of the disease, but also the whole medical history of his life. This system reduces errors in treatment at zero. This system is fair because every doctor can treat you completely according to you. This system is good because it gives you the opportunity to fully access it, as it should be – because it’s about you. The best treatment wherever you go, but completely safe as explained in our other blog posts.

How can we make that happen?

A large number of scientists, professors, doctors and other professionals from all over the world lead this debate and the development of blockchain technology in a direction that is suitable for use in medicine. For example, there are numerous conferences dedicated to this. AdvaMed 2016 was the leading MedTech Conference in North America, bringing more than 1,000 companies together in a uniquely multifaceted environment for business development, capital formation, innovative technology showcasing, world-class educational opportunities and networking. An event rich in international flavor and featuring a deep, diverse attendee list that includes influential policy-makers, business executives, and media, AdvaMed 2016 had a purpose to advance industry discussion from key perspectives through detailed panel sessions, executive forums and more. It was a “must-attend” event for any MedTech company.

Currently, numerous healthcare pilot projects are dealing with data technology. One of the most advanced countries in the implementation of blockchain technology is Estonia, which already uses data blocks for the provision of local government and services. They also plan to have access to medical information through all data blocks for all its citizens. 2016, Estonia has digitized all medical records and this is one of the key first steps towards the implementation of data blocks in the future.

The best is yet to come

Trough conferences like that the medical future is bright and safe. The goal is healthier life and improvement of medical technology. These conferences gather all innovators and companies that are connected to this subject. This is also about diagnostic products, medical devices, health information systems.  Such a debate raises ethical standards and stimulates growth and the development of medicine.The future is here and it is time we all get involved in shaping that future in a way that will be highly professional, revolutionary, liberating and safe.