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AdvaMed is an internationally known conference that gathers all professionals whose field of expertise is involving medicine technologies, blockchain technologies, and similar branches. We are talking about professionals who are interested and dedicated to the promotion of these branches and their mergers. Through numerous new innovative debates, discussions and panels this conference positioned itself all over the world as one of the first to move the boundaries of technological understanding and application of such technology and innovation. We want to empower our attendees and provide actionable advice such as reviews for exchanges like CoinSpot. Blockchain technology is not just something that exists only through cryptocurrency, it is a new way of thinking. This innovation expanded our global way of thinking and it has numerous practical application through other industries.

4 Main Goals of Our Conferences

Present State

estimating the current state in fields of different technologies and comparing gathered results and conclusions between profesionals


a discussion of the possibilities of connecting or merging existing technologies into new ones, and possibilities of opening new approaches


the advancement of not only the technology but also the way it is applied and the expansion of the branches in which it can be applied


creating a productive academic space for professionals to share their opinions and advances in order to come together to new solutions, ideas, and conclusions

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Data blocking technology, better-known as blockchain, has the potential to generate radical health care changes where the patient is in the first place. This technology enhances the safety and interoperability of health data and sets up a new model for the exchange of...

The Future is Here

Many scientists, doctors and other people involved in the healthcare system see the great potential of blockchain technology in this field. Not only would it be desirable to pay with cryptocurrencies during a medical intervention, there are other things as well. If a...

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